Hello, I’m Michael Keshani, 18 year old Arsenal supporter, attempting to watch all the football. Or most of it, at least. I make no apologies for the atrocious puns in my headlines.


The Roaming Libero is mix between Arsenal-related content and pieces on wider football. I’m a close follower of Serie A (with an attachment to AC Milan), the Bundesliga and La Liga. All writing is subjective (or attempting to be) unless stated. High quality not guaranteed.


I have been writing about football since April 2010, but started up The Roaming Libero in April 2012. I’m not sure why I chose this name, but the fact that it was by far the best one I could think of says all it needs to about the calibre of name I had thought up. For my original blog, featuring works between April 2010-March 2012, see http://mjk17.tumblr.com/.


The Roaming Libero logo was designed by the fantastic Saurabh Ananth of Love Football, Hate Football. (I strongly advise you click that link. You’ll thank me for it.)


For more crude, profanity-filled thoughts, I am on Twitter @RoamingLibero. Hope you enjoy the blog.



2 Comments on “About”

  1. Steve Tsoi says:

    Hi Michael, Steve here, Chen Tsoi’s brother. Fantastic content and insight – so good…..keep it up! Check out the anfield wrap too….it’s also great content…

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