Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. In searching for an old article a few weeks ago I was reminded that despite having spent the last year and a bit since the most recent article was posted on this website writing feverishly, I have not updated this page with new articles or even a notice of where the new articles can be found (for the masochists among you).

Through last season I wrote for Arseblog, with my articles all appearing on this page. Since then I have taken on a role working for About.com, where I currently run their Arsenal page. The full link for which is here. The vast majority of Arsenal posts will be found on the About.com page, with possible exceptions appearing along the way. This blog may be revived for non-Arsenal posts, but time to put them together is a little thin at the moment.

For everything else in between, I can be found on Twitter under my new tag @MichaelKeshani, where new work will be posted and bad jokes shared. Original, I know.

Or in briefer summary:

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/MichaelKeshani

My work for Arseblog: http://arseblog.com/author/roaming-libero/

My work for About.com (ongoing): http://arsenalfc.about.com/

Thanks for reading,